Baptism of the sea

If you’re reading this page you’re probably curious about this experience, you’re probably thinking about having a little fear or even terror at the idea of diving, though not deep and in shallow water.

You can’t swim, you’re afraid of fish, you’re claustrophobic or you have a disability and you think you can’t do it?

None of these is the real reason why you feel hesitant, but it’s much simpler, and it resides in your instincts.

The reason why the question “Do you want to do a dive test with us?” the answers they give us for the greater are “no thanks, I don’t care!” or “I’m afraid, you asked the wrong person!” is that we are mammals.

Well yes, we are mammals, we are not born to breathe underwater so only the thought of doing something against nature creates a block that precisely manifests itself normally in the two ways mentioned above: fear or apparent disinterest.

Attention! This is an important moment, you are one step away from finding the desire to try and find that this is a fantastic and exciting experience, you just need to know how it all unfolds to understand how it is actually simple and that you too can do the dive with us in C Mariolu wing.

Read on and a new world will open up, and you’ll bring home a unique feeling that you’ll never forget

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