An underwater experience?

Yes, that’s what we offer you, make a dive with diving equipment in this wonderful beach during the stop you will have during the trip to the Cale di Baunei in the Gulf of Orosei

Ho paura

“I’m afraid, you chose the wrong person”

non mi interessa

“No thanks, I don’t care!”

For us instructors of Cala Mariolu it is now a continuous repetition of the same spirit. We know, but why do we insist?

Why should you have this underwater experience in Cala Mariolu? We will let you tell our customers:

As you can see from what customers say, diving for the first time brings a state of fear, but when you try to breathe underwater near the shore, you will discover a particular sensation and everything will become exciting.

Find out why there is no interest or even fear or fear in the proposal to do the first dive!