Welcome at Cala Mariolu

If you are reading this page, you have surely heard of Cala Mariolu, its beauty, the crystal clear water and the myriad of fish that populate and also you know how they come what can be done and what services are available.
So, you’re in the wrong place!
Why? Because we are already here waiting for you!
Let’s joke, answer your questions and much more by reading this site.

Cala Mariolu instractors team

Who we are

A team of instructors who developed a simple and safe program to bring even the most fearful and inexperienced people closer to diving

Dive experience at Cala Mariolu

What do we do

Let’s do something incredible in one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, between baptisms for inexperienced and diving for those who already have experience

Nature photo diving

Scuba revew, naturalistic and photographic dives led by local experts, between fun passages among the rocks in a protected area. All during the stop you have in Cala Mariolu

Baptism of the sea

In Cala Mariolu we experience the experience of breathing underwater for the first time.
Anyone can try

Hsa Diving


Do you already have experience? Then you have the opportunity to enjoy a nice dive with us, in just 45/50 minutes without the long preparation times and large groups typical of diving.
All in the stop in Cala Mariolu

Spiaggia di Cala Mariolu